5 Summer Style Hacks To Make Your Summer Wardrobe Last As Long As The Heatwave

5 Summer Style Hacks To Make Your Summer Wardrobe Last As Long As The Heatwave

Don’t know about you but our limited beach-ready wardrobe has taken the strain these last few weeks with this oh-so-hot heatwave. Usually reserved for beaches only, many of us have had to turn to our bolder, more eclectic ensembles only previously spotted outside of the British isles and with cocktail in hand!

Have no fear though, we have 5 top styling hacks to keep your wardrobe on track and fresh to keep you cool and stylish for as long as the sun decides to shine.

#1 Layer It

Embrace the athleisure style into your everyday wardrobe by layering cute bikini tops with those slightly skimpy numbers usually reserved for Costa somewhere. A flash of colour and awe inspiring print will look gorgeous and open up a whole section of your wardrobe that doesn't usually get an airing at home.

#2 Belt It

Reinvent your floaty poolside cover ups with a belt to add structure and form for everyday wear. Better still, why not cut down on the carrying by adding a belt bag to cinch in that waist and keep your prized possessions close.

#3 Cut It

This one does require a bit of courage but…dig out those old jeans that have finally lost their form and cut into denim shorts. Once cut to length, fold up or leave with raw edge and marvel at the easy upcycle that has updated your wardrobe without effecting the bank balance!

#4 Accessorise It

Pick up a pair of bright, cheap and cheerful sunnies to add a splash of colour and to freshen your look while keeping those peepers protected. If its good enough for Gwen right?.

#5 Mix it Up

You might not brave your shortest shorts this side of the channel usually, but by pairing short shorts with a long sleeved shirt you can create a heatwave look polished enough even for the office.