Bella Behind the Scenes

Bella Behind the Scenes

We thought you might like to have a behind the scenes sneak peek at how we actually go about creating our gorgeous Bella bags, so here it is!

Coming up with the design idea for our belt bags is always the most exciting part of the process – we ask questions like;

  • What will we have to fit in the bag?
  • What’s the most compact size we can go to?
  • Do we need any pockets, clips, safety features?
  • How will the belt fasten?
  • Which fastener do we use to secure the bag?
  • We’ve got to think about colours – we have a great choice from our vegi tan leather supplier, classics, seasonal favourites, neutrals – this is arguably one of the most difficult decisions!
  • How versatile can we make this bag?
  • And finally, hardware: Lisa Lemon always plump for simple and stylish but how durable is it?

Research is key when it comes to refining our designs, that’s why we challenge each concept with these questions. Our Bella bag is a more structured design and can hold more contents than our Loveday, it also has a wider strap so that it still feels comfortable when carrying heavier things. And it’s versatile, you can wear it around your waist or across your body for an instant new look.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: walking the dog, shopping, magazines, interiors and travel. Taking in our surroundings and being aware of situations where carrying a heavy bag isn’t practical, we’re naturally inquisitive so this helps a lot!

Once we’ve answered all of our questions and come up with a design on paper including measurements and design features, the fun of sampling begins…

Choosing the leather and fittings - It took many calls and trade shows to source our fantastic leather supplier. The main issue was that we wanted a wide choice of bright colours and this proved to be tricky. Our leather comes from Italy and is tanned using vegetable dyes which are kinder to our environment than chemical tanning methods.

Our fittings supplier provides simple, stylish and hard wearing metal work, they are more than happy to work to our own designs if they don’t have the items as stock.

Production - We take our drawing to the factory, it’s not too far from our office, this really helps and means that we can pop over there whenever we need. We talk through the concepts with the leather experts, make any design tweaks and away they go, next time we meet, our drawing will be brought to life with a sample!

From there we tweak and tweak again to refine the product and decide on the finishing. Next, we place our order and wait for our lovely belt bags to go into production.


Photography – Our final step is to create some pretty pictures that show off all the hard work that’s gone into the belt bags. So, we take our beautiful new bags over to our favourite photographer who’s also local – there’s a theme developing here! Photographs are taken from various angles for our website and social media channels so you lovely lot get to see our new creations in all their glory.

Then that’s it, we’re ready to send them out in to the world for our lovely customers to buy and love!