One bag, three ways - how to change the strap


Yes, the Loveday can be worn in 3 ways – as a belt bag,
crossbody and as a clutch.

Your Loveday arrives with the strap set up to be worn around your waist.
To adjust the size, just pop the metal popper into the hole which best fits and pull the strap so that it’s flat.

Belt bag Loveday to crossbody…

To change the Loveday from a belt bag to crossbody
follow these simple steps;

1. Un-pop the metal popper on the strap
2. Slide the end of the strap with the popper along the length of the strap towards the metal loop, pulling it through the loop as you go
3. Pop the metal popper into the hole at the end of the strap nearest the metal loop

That’s it, you’re already to go with your crossbody Loveday.

Crossbody to clutch…

Ok, so the evening is approaching and a clutch is required,
no problem for the Loveday;

1. Un-clip the large metal loop from the small leather loop
2. Open the large metal loop and remove it altogether from the leather strap loop
3. Pull out the strap through the metal eyelets

That’s it, stride off into the night with your Loveday clutch.

Three bags in one – love it!